The story of who we are and the coffee company we started, began far before this company. In a quest for the perfect cup of coffee, trying cups from coffee shops (small and large) all over the United States, eventually led to a tour of a coffee field in Hawaii, where our love for coffee crossed paths with the
process by which it’s produced. From there, we pursued it as a hobby and fell in love with roasting and producing what we have found to be perfect tasting coffee. We are a family run business, veteran owned and made in the USA. Our beans are organic and obtained from regions all over the world, making their way to our roaster and your cup.

So sit down, relax for a bit and enjoy each sip of coffee, whether it’s alone while you read or look out your window; with spouse, family or friends as you catch up on your lives; with coworkers on a break; or whoever you enjoy it with, we believe that the common bond of a cup of coffee with anybody, opens
the door to good conversation and peace no matter who you are or where you live.

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